Green Inexpensive Home Improvement Techniques That Will Save Your Life And Save You Money

When you think about doing home improvements, the list is usually long. Most homes need some type of improvement project, but the best place to start is by cleaning the house from top to bottom. When you use "traditional" cleansers all you’re really doing is pumping a bunch of chemicals into the structure and air of your home.

Switching to techniques of green cleaning is probably the best decision you can make for improving your home. In this article we are going to share some green cleaning methods you can use to increase the value of your home.

Clean your wardrobe up. When you pack the clothes into your closet you attract bugs and mites and other problematic creatures. To avoid the possibility of getting mold, you need to do this. Moths may begin to live in your clothes even if you have mothballs in the closet. A good thing you can do is donate clothes that you don’t want anymore. You can always use the remaining clothes that are worn and tattered for rags. Cinnamon sticks, wrapped in old socks, is a great way to prevent the appearance of moths. An eco-friendly environment will be the net result. You will have less clutter in your home. And, as a fringe benefit, unwanted pests will probably stay away from your clothing. Cleaning your bathroom, while using cleaners filled with chemicals, is a dangerous idea. It is so difficult to keep the bathroom well ventilated, and that causes the chemicals to stay in the air or even be absorbed into the walls. Three different cleansers you should be using at various times are vinegar, borax and baking soda, since they are not filled with chemicals. You’ll keep the bathroom clean and won’t have to worry about accidentally inhaling anything harmful. You should always be running the fan, especially while you are bathing, and it also helps to leave the door open a little bit for the steam to escape, as long as you are not self-conscious.

Some hardwood floor cleaners are pretty harsh, and they don’t need to be. A mixture of vinegar and olive oil works just as well or better. You can even smell the mixture without being harmed. In order to get the mixture right, you need to know the type of wood, because that will determine the ratio of one to the other.

This mixture isn’t just good for floors, because it’s also good for wooden furniture as well. Skip the harsh chemicals and stick with ingredients you have on hand that are green! A lot of people spend a lot of time cleaning, but they never really get anything clean. When it comes to home improvement, a good and thorough cleaning is the first step to any project. The health of your home, along with your own, will be made better by using green techniques for cleaning.